About Shopping Rewards Mall

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About Shopping Rewards Mall

Shopping Rewards Mall is a premier shopping portal developed by Pinnacle Communications Int’l, Inc in association with ShoppingAndBenefits.com. Taking its cues from the most powerful and profitable marketing program of the 20th century, frequent flyer rewards, Pinnacle revolutionized reward programs for the 21st century by negating the need for points and miles, and instead offering cash back for shopping. No Points. No Miles. Just Cash!™

In addition to the cash back you get when you shop through Shopping Rewards Mall, you will also have access to low-cost value-added lifestyle benefits that will SAVE you time, money and provide security. These benefit programs include telemedicine, a travel club, local merchant and identity theft services among others. Log into your account to find out more.

Pinnacle Communications International

Shopping Rewards Mall was developed, is owned and is operated by Pinnacle. Pinnacle Communications International, Inc. based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a state-of-the-art Internet marketing company and the creator of the revolutionary cash back shopping platforms. Pinnacle provides this technology and value-added benefit for businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals, which can also capture and maximize the income and potential of the explosive world of e-commerce.

  • Provider of turnkey Internet business-building systems

  • Founded in 1995, Jacksonville, FL

  • Pioneer and leader in cash back shopping solutions

  • Creator of a revolutionary cash back shopping platform

  • Services businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals

  • Maximizes the income and potential of the explosive world of e-commerce

  • Patent-pending infinite shopping and referring program

  • Industry leading management, reporting, and tracking system

  • A+ Ranking and accredited with the Better Business Bureau

Learn more about Pinnacle at www.pinnacleld.com

Our Mission and Vision

To be the world’s best rewards program; providing anyone and everyone access to more than 1,300 popular online stores with Cash Back rebates for shopping through kellyassociates.shoppingrewardsmall.com. We aim to have a Shopping Rewards Mall member in every home in America enjoying the highest cash back possible on all online purchases.

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions or comments.

Shopping Rewards Mall
c/o Pinnacle Communications Int’l
9116 Cypress Green Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32256
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